A few words on development

TV: Little Bear enhances preschoolers’ social and interpersonal skills.

Mommy: Isaac, do you have interpersonal skills?

Isaac: No, I don’t. But Little Bear does.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy and Isaac in a flying shoe

Rock Omama!

That’s How You Do It!

Isaac the future gymnast:


The Big Bed Switcheroo

This weekend, we finally got Isaac’s new room ready (well, mostly).  This meant setting up the toddler bed with brand-new Thomas sheets and pillows, and the plan was to start getting him used to the idea of napping in the Big Boy Bed.

Friday night, we read stories, sang songs, and almost made it to lights out and night-night, when he asked to go to his crib.  Saturday, he was too excited and kept on playing, so moved back to the crib again for a shorter nap.  Saturday night, though, was a full night’s sleep in the toddler bed!  And the Sunday nap.  And Sunday night!

Go Isaac!

Words of Wisdom

Isaac: “That’s a good idea!”

Mommy: “Where do ideas come from?”

Isaac: “TALKING!”

New Friend

Welcome to the world, Helena Beverly!

Congratulations to Sadie, Ann, and Dan.

Help Isaac Support Cancer Research

On Saturday, July 12, Isaac, Laura, and Andy are going to walk 5K in the 27th Annual Prouty Century Bike Ride & Challenge Walk to raise money for cancer research at Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center.

We’re walking in memory of Mary Ager, Isaac’s much-loved and much-missed Grandma, who lost her battle with cancer on April 23.

This year, our goal is to raise $750!  Last year, with the help of friends and family, we raised $640 (in 2006, we raised $425).  Click here to make a donation.

Prouty 2007

Prouty 2007

It’s [or will be] a girl!

Isaac is having a little sister!