That’s How You Do It!

Isaac the future gymnast:

Winter Sports In Motion

Ice Slide:

On the sled:

Winter Sports

This past Saturday was the Occom Pond Party, a family-friendly event during Dartmouth’s somewhat more adult-oriented Winter Carnival. Deirdre, Lisa, and Anya visited from Boston. Isaac tried ice skating but wasn’t too into it…


Although Anya did really well!


Isaac liked the ice slide better.


And he and Anya had fun being pulled around in the sled.


More fun with leaves, plus a playhouse

Two today. First, some more messing about with leaves. Second, Isaac and Sadie at Cold Hollow Cider, having a LOT of fun in a playhouse.

Wow, I Guess it’s Fall

Hopefully the upcoming flood of videos will make up for the egregious lack of posting. To start, here’s Isaac and a leafpile from two days ago.

Isaac on the Beach

From the Mimo (daycare) potluck, June 23:


One of Isaac’s favorite new words is “ssshoosh,” which, translated, means “shoes.”  He very much demands a certain (differing) pair of shoes each and every morning now — sometimes pretty incongruous ones.  In the evening, though, he likes Daddy’s shoes:




Through the Looking Glass


Isaac and Sadie playing in the cat door during Latkepalooza on Sunday afternoon.


Isaac and Sadie had fun at Koto Japanese Steakhouse on Friday night.

Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Photo

At Riverview Farm on Saturday.  Click on photo for more!