Passover in New York

We spent the weekend in NYC, celebrating Passover with Ann’s family and toodling about with Isaac on our own. On Saturday, he went to the Central Park Zoo; both the regular and the children’s zoos. He loved seeing the Snow Monkeys and seals and a red panda, but was only interested in the animals for about a minute. Feeding goats was much more his style.

Afterwards, he took a ride on the Carousel, which switched from sheer terror in the beginning to wild glee at the end. You can see him at the far left of this picture:

After lunch and a nap, we went up to Ann’s parent’s apartment for the Passover seder, where Isaac had lots of fun with Sadie, and her relatives, who pretty much turned into Isaac’s relatives as well. What fun!

We finally got them to bed (giggling like crazy), and we got some time to go out with Ann and Dan and a few other friends.

Sunday, we visited more friends in Washington Heights, and hit the New Haven IKEA for a few hours. Isaac was great, until something went wrong with the accessory electrical systems in the car … which meant the portable DVD player ran out of batteries just when he was ready for more. Ah well.

Fantastic weekend — here are the highlight pictures (more on Flickr):