Almost-Six-Weeks Stats; Neville

For Naomi, of course.  She’s now 9 lbs, 15 oz.  Wow!  That’s 12 oz. in just the past week.  Go girl!

In Isaac news, he’s created a brand-new imaginary friend, as of yesterday morning.  His name is Neville (Neville is also a Thomas & Friends character), and he’s “my black friend.” Note: Neville the train happens to be painted black, too. (As an aside, here’s a recent article about imaginary friends and child development.)

Strangely, I think, for an imaginary friend, Neville needs to “come over” from “his house” in order to play; we’re trying to convince Isaac that he can have Neville over whenever he wants, but that Mommy and Daddy can’t see him. This may take some time, but it’s pretty fascinating.

The Big Bed Switcheroo

This weekend, we finally got Isaac’s new room ready (well, mostly).  This meant setting up the toddler bed with brand-new Thomas sheets and pillows, and the plan was to start getting him used to the idea of napping in the Big Boy Bed.

Friday night, we read stories, sang songs, and almost made it to lights out and night-night, when he asked to go to his crib.  Saturday, he was too excited and kept on playing, so moved back to the crib again for a shorter nap.  Saturday night, though, was a full night’s sleep in the toddler bed!  And the Sunday nap.  And Sunday night!

Go Isaac!


This morning, Isaac was playing with his trains, and all of a sudden started pointing at pieces of track and said:

“One … two … thwee … foh … five … siss … seven!”

We try to count off stairs and other things with him all the time, and it looks like it’s starting to take hold!


One of Isaac’s favorite new words is “ssshoosh,” which, translated, means “shoes.”  He very much demands a certain (differing) pair of shoes each and every morning now — sometimes pretty incongruous ones.  In the evening, though, he likes Daddy’s shoes:




15-month Stats

  • 22 lbs. (I could swear he was heavier than that!)
  • 31 inches

Still tall and skinny: 60th percentile height, 20th percentile weight.

And have we mentioned the running?


So this weekend, he officially went from one tentative step to teetering across rooms. He’s still more comfortable crawling at supersonic speed, but within a week or so, he should be running full-tilt around the house!

Teeth = Ouch

Just off to the right side of his mouth, poking at the underside of the gum, there’s a firm, white bump.

Yep, THAT is a tooth.

Teething, YEEE-OWCH! Although it hasn’t kept him awake at night … yet.