Legal to Drink.

Well, milk.

Happy 21st Month, Isaac!


You’ve really taken a shine to your new day care, which has been as wonderful for us, your parents, as it has been for you.  We can see the new things you pick up and learn on display almost daily (more word-sounds, new dance moves, ART!, more social interaction, answering questions, the list goes on).  You are also bound and determined to play outside as much as possible, and now that it’s nice, we’re all for it.


We’re hoping that your enjoyment of bathtime with cooler water will mean that trips to the pool this summer will be far more fun for you this year than they were last year (you’ll recall that last summer, the pool pretty much freaked you out).  I suspect that we’ll all have a lot more fun this time around, though.


We love you , man!


Year and a Half

100_2382  100_2383

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

1.25 Years

Wow, Isaac — you’re 15 months old, and now a bona fide toddler.  Why does it seem like you went from crawling to running in the space of a month?  Well, because you did!  Essentially, you stood up and took off!  And mommy and daddy will be chasing after you for the rest of our lives.

You’ve even added some words to your vocabulary: bye-bye (or “buh buh” like a bored celebrity, complete with Queen-of-England-style demi-wave), ball, and baby.  Anything smaller than you, if it’s cuddly, is “baby” — including the cats, who are now smaller than you for the first time, and are still remarkably tolerant — nay, stoic — when you assault them.

Happily for us, you’re not exhibiting any typical picky-eater toddler behavior (unless mommy just jinxed it by saying so). This year at Thanksgiving, you partook of pretty much every dish mommy cooked, but the sweet potatoes were your favorites.

You had lots of fun at Sadie’s birthday party, and even used a fork successfully for the first time:

You also played on the fun gym equipment:

And afterwards, everyone appreciated your help cleaning up!

Month by month, as you grow, we are so happy and excited to have you as our baby!

Love, Mommy

Teenmonther (Four teens, to be precise)

Dear Isaac,

You’re now 14 months old, so soon you’ll be driv …  oh, wait, wrong time period.

Really, though, I assume that by the time you’re sixteen months, you’ll be tearing around the house on your little scooter solo, rather than getting pushed by Mommy or Daddy. For the time being, we’re perfectly happy to see you toddle about for half a room or so before collapsing into the crawling speed demon you’ve become.

This past week, you managed to spend quite a bit of time at both Mommy’s and Daddy’s offices, and were much appreciated by all.  Your crawling prowess was the subject of many admiring gawps!  That and the supremely happy demeanor, even while Mommy was in meetings.

You’ve now begun saying “bye-bye” and waving when going to daycare, or when one of us is zipping off somewhere, which is heart-meltingly adorable.  You do a lot of stuff that’s heart-meltingly adorable, come to think of it.  That rocks.

So let’s see. You’re walking, which will soon become running, and your babytalk is turning slowly into real words, which will likely start spilling out at a rapid pace as well. Whoa, dude.  But don’t worry! We love you even more every time something new starts!


Mom and Dad

One year! and another month! is 13 months!

Sorry, kiddo, but technical difficulties and your newfound ability to crawl at just shy of the speed of sound have prevented us from writing about how much we love you and what you’ve been up to the past year thirteen months.

It wasn’t so long ago that you looked like this:


When we brought you home for the first time! We had lots of cute clothes for you back then, too (still do, but it’s different now), like this little number:


For Halloween, we dressed you up as a pumpkin!


By then it was getting chilly, so we stuffed you into a BundleMe, and put a hat on you … which you managed to keep on long enought to take this:


January saw more warm outfits like this matching yellow duckie number:


Bibs featured prominently for quite some time. Here’s you playing on the floor with a red model:


Although it wasn’t *that* cold this past winter, we still had plenty of fun things to keep you warm, like this dinosaur suit, which you had lots of fun wearing for the three weeks it actually fit!


By April, things appeared to be warming up, and the sun came out, which meant sunglasses … that mostly didn’t stay on:


May, it was still chilly, but you were counteracting that with more activity, wriggling about and such. So we put you in a box:


Then June came along. Cold again (say WHAT?). Get out the warm-ups!


Ahh, finally, summer! Fourth of July! You’re ten months old!


At least we were finally getting outside a bit! In August we even managed to hang out and eat outside:


And then you were a full year! And telling it to the world, too:

Man of the Hour

And now you’re walking, using the Radio Flyer (toddler model) you got last Christmas!


And LOVING that, I might add. Much like mommy and daddy LOVE you! Happy 13-month-birthday!

Love, Dad


Isaac had a wonderful first birthday, but unfortunately some evil person hacked Daddy’s photo site. We’re working on getting the photos back up, but in the meantime you can view the birthday album!

Yay! Cake!

This One Goes to Eleven

Well, well, well … you’re eleven months old today!


Looks like the big present is a set of two honking large front teeth coming in on top. What fun! You’ve spent the past month crawling around at high speed, and the past 10 days figuring out how to pull yourself up to a wobbly standing position, and get from crawling to sitting without the use of a prop.

Thankfully, the inchworm still sends you into peals of delighted laughter, as do a whole host of toys, which is endless fun for Mom and Dad. You’re also eating more and more on your own, taking chunks of food gladly and not being so happy about the spoon-feeding (sometimes). Bananas, peas, Veggie Booty, zwieback toasts, and anything that resembles a strap seem to be your favorite foods.

Dad was away for a few days this month, and the look on your face when I came to get you out of the car after not seeing him for a while was unforgettable — that slow spread of recognition into a humongous beaming grin that takes over your whole face is about the best thing a father could ever see.

Mommy has also been getting you accustomed to swimming pools, and hopefully soon we’ll be able to get you in with other kids for baby swimming lessons. Although you don’t seem to like cold water that much, the blistering heat of the past few weekends has been enough to heat up the little inflatable pool to bath-like temperatures, which you rather enjoy. You’re so cute in baths and little pools, so I hope you like the bigger ones!

It’s amazing to see you change and grow so much each month, and it’s difficult to believe that the next one of these will mark the beginning of your second year. Yes, you’ve now gone to eleven, and you’ll keep on going, too.



I.S.A. 10 months, U.S.A. 2760 months


What a lucky baby you are, Isaac — today your month-birthday falls on a federal holiday, so both mommy and daddy have the day off to hang out with you. This will happen again on your true birthday, which this year will be Labor Day! (Mommy did not give birth to you on Labor Day, however.)

And the most notable accomplishment of the holiday weekend is — you have become indisputably mobile! You are now crawling across the floor, so fast that we had to run out to Home Depot to get baby gates (in Germany, are they wie gehts?) to keep you from invading the kitchen and grabbing all the dangerous implements therein. You even are getting little patches of rug burn on your knees from going so fast — ouch! But that will get better. Life has changed in so many exciting ways over the last few weeks — you are getting better and better at the things you do, like feeding yourself (Cheerios, Veggie Booty, bread cubes, cheese squares), babbling (though still no discernable words yet), laughing (especially when you get to hug the squishy turtle cushion), and the aforementioned propelling yourself around the room. But mommy and daddy’s favorite new accomplishment has to be your amazing skill at playing peekaboo!

It’s been a busy few weeks otherwise, but you’ve been having lots of fun, especially with your friends.

2570 2626

Isabel visited for a while, and you learned to share! (sort of)


You went to a new playgroup and sat at a picnic table and swung in a swing!

2579 2685

And you learned to drive a new form of transportation: Daddy!


But mostly you’ve been just a cool baby!

3/4 of a Year!

It’s amazing, in one month, you’ve moved from being 66.66% of a year to 75% of a year old. You’ve now been out as long as you were in. And you are also now 50% as old as Sadie, and, I think, 22.22% older than Isabel, but my math may be off on that.

The most notable accomplishments of this month are, in no particular order:



… or more precisely, crawling backwards on your back, like a crab! Which makes bottom-cleaning a little hazardous, at least until we move the changing table.



… one has emerged, another one is on its way next door, and another is peeking out in the back.


Feeding Yourself

… you’ve learned how to pick up Cheerios, and since you put pretty much everything you can pick up in your mouth, you put the Cheerio in your mouth. But we’re not sure if you’ve made the connection that doing so means eating in the same way that nursing, bottle drinking, or slurping pureed goop from a spoon does.


Drinking Beer

… just kidding on that one! You made a grab for daddy’s Sam Adams at one of the parties during mommy’s reunion, but we’ll wait until you’re older for that kind of bottle-feeding.

Thank you for being our wonderful baby! We love you so much!

Love, Mommy

2/3 of a Year!

To celebrate Isaac’s eight-month birthday, a photo-essay on the


September 6, 2005 (age: 2 days) Mostly sleeping.

September 25, 2005 (age: 3 weeks) Who is this other creature?

October 5, 2005 (age: 1 month) More sleeping, some interacting.

October 11, 2005 (age: 6 weeks) Smiling!

April 24, 2006 (age: 7.5 months) Laughing, sitting, playing, babbling!

Happy Eight Baby!

Now that you’re really too big for the swing (i.e. your Fat Little Huge Feet hang off the end, you can reach up and grab the toy mobile, and your increasing weight prevents the motor from accomplishing its swingy function), it’s time to retire it. But let us all give thanks to the Fisher-Price corporation for their brilliant design (and to the generosity of friends Jay and Jen for handing it down to us). You spent many hours in the swing in your tiny days, and we were grateful that it could magically always soothe you.

Eight months has seen you getting better and better at the things you do. A major milestone, so conducive to the happiness of mom and dad, is that you now SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT! Yes, we can put you down around 7pm, and after changing, a flying tour of your room, nursing, and at least one story (recent favorites are Guess How Much I Love You and But Not the Hippopotamus), you sleep (for the most part) until a little after 6am. We love you very much.

You can now sit up by yourself for as long as you like (although you’re quite unhappy when you teeter over), and you are getting so impatient about not being able to move around by yourself that we know you will crawl any day now! You eat two jars of food at most meals and you are developing a “pincer grasp” that will soon enable you to feed yourself (hooray!). You love your cloth books, mostly to chew on, but you are starting to understand that books have pages that you can turn (which leads you to more pages to chew on). This is good because books figure prominently in mommy’s and daddy’s lives, and we hope they will in yours!!

Much love,