Almost-Six-Weeks Stats; Neville

For Naomi, of course.  She’s now 9 lbs, 15 oz.  Wow!  That’s 12 oz. in just the past week.  Go girl!

In Isaac news, he’s created a brand-new imaginary friend, as of yesterday morning.  His name is Neville (Neville is also a Thomas & Friends character), and he’s “my black friend.” Note: Neville the train happens to be painted black, too. (As an aside, here’s a recent article about imaginary friends and child development.)

Strangely, I think, for an imaginary friend, Neville needs to “come over” from “his house” in order to play; we’re trying to convince Isaac that he can have Neville over whenever he wants, but that Mommy and Daddy can’t see him. This may take some time, but it’s pretty fascinating.

Too Scary to Eat

“His teeth are so scary I can’t eat those teeth.”

–Isaac, commenting on some Finding Nemo gummy fruit snacks, especially the one shaped like Bruce the Shark.

A few words on development

TV: Little Bear enhances preschoolers’ social and interpersonal skills.

Mommy: Isaac, do you have interpersonal skills?

Isaac: No, I don’t. But Little Bear does.

Words of Wisdom

Isaac: “That’s a good idea!”

Mommy: “Where do ideas come from?”

Isaac: “TALKING!”


This morning, Isaac was playing with his trains, and all of a sudden started pointing at pieces of track and said:

“One … two … thwee … foh … five … siss … seven!”

We try to count off stairs and other things with him all the time, and it looks like it’s starting to take hold!

Official-like News on the Friend Front

Isaac’s friend Anya, daughter of Deirdre and Lisa, officially adopted Lisa as a mom the other day (well, OK, vice versa).  Yay!  Here they are filling out the forms and making it official via fiddling with the gavel:



So far we’ve managed to coax single laugh-like exclamations out of you. But this past weekend, we hit the developmental milestone of multiple giggle-like sounds. Boo-yah! Thankfully for mom and dad, you’re also figuring out more and more how to play on your own. With toys, even!

You Keep Us Too Busy to Post!

Yes Isaac, we’re too busy playing with you, singing to you, cleaning you, or sleeping or working to actually update your blog. So get on the stick, kid, and learn to type already! You’re making sounds and stuff, how much harder can it be?

(Dad will get the latest bits and pieces up soon, he promises!)

Sentences Made from Words that Sound Like the Noises Isaac Makes

Google elk blog.

Grab kugel glob.

Owl? Blah.

Octopus and Pumpkin

Seriously, does it get much cuter than this?