A New Nation for Our Children

It is difficult to express the joy I feel that our children will get to grow up in a nation led by President Barack Obama.  They will know a world very different from what I knew, and it looks like it will be, in many ways, a better one.

For a while, I wasn’t sure about that.  But I am now.

A few changes

Wow, so Naomi is three weeks old today!  Fittingly, it’s taken this long to make a few changes to the site, reflecting the fact there there are now TWO children in the house.  Eventually, Dad will be able to shift over to a URL that’s more reflective of that as well, but that requires slightly more forethought, coordination, and passwords than he has at hand at the moment.

A title change, theme change, and the addition of a Naomi-centric badge will have to do for now.  A few tweaks more, and we’ll have this year’s “jumping in the leaves” pics and movies posted…

Hello World!

Welcome baby sister Naomi Mary Ager!

Friday, October 3, 12:41pm.  7 pounds, 11 ounces, 20 inches long.

Stay tuned for pictures …

(slight technical difficulty in posting)

First pictures of Naomi here!

And, at long last, here:

The Big Bed Switcheroo

This weekend, we finally got Isaac’s new room ready (well, mostly).  This meant setting up the toddler bed with brand-new Thomas sheets and pillows, and the plan was to start getting him used to the idea of napping in the Big Boy Bed.

Friday night, we read stories, sang songs, and almost made it to lights out and night-night, when he asked to go to his crib.  Saturday, he was too excited and kept on playing, so moved back to the crib again for a shorter nap.  Saturday night, though, was a full night’s sleep in the toddler bed!  And the Sunday nap.  And Sunday night!

Go Isaac!

Imminent Sibling

Isaac doesn’t really get it yet, but his parents do … he will have a new sibling early this October!

15-month Stats

  • 22 lbs. (I could swear he was heavier than that!)
  • 31 inches

Still tall and skinny: 60th percentile height, 20th percentile weight.

And have we mentioned the running?

Official-like News on the Friend Front

Isaac’s friend Anya, daughter of Deirdre and Lisa, officially adopted Lisa as a mom the other day (well, OK, vice versa).  Yay!  Here they are filling out the forms and making it official via fiddling with the gavel:



So this weekend, he officially went from one tentative step to teetering across rooms. He’s still more comfortable crawling at supersonic speed, but within a week or so, he should be running full-tilt around the house!

More new friends!

Isaac is very very happy to welcome two new friends, Sophia and Amalia Mladek!  They arrived last night around 11PM after Mommy helped get our friend Kristin to the hospital.  Both of them are 6 lbs, 6 oz. and healthy.  Exciting!

Another New Friend!

Isaac can’t wait for his first trans-Atlantic flight to meet his new friend Imogen Melissa! She’s been out and about since October 5th, but just now got home. Congratulations to David and Rachel!